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  • CORRUGATED PRODUCTS-Boxes, Mailers, Bin Boxes, Pads, Sheets, Rolls, Honeycomb, Bulk Containers and Chipboard Folding Boxes

  • PACKAGING SUPPLIES-Bubble Wrap, Anti-Stat Bubble Wrap, PE Foam Rolls, Styrofoam and Anti-Stat Packaging Peanuts, Kraft Paper, Newsprint, Tissue Paper, Shredded Paper, Wood Excelsior, Sizzle Pack, Tape and Tape Dispenser, PE  Foam and Styrofoam Plank, Styrofoam Products

  • STAPLING PRODUCTS-Carton Closing Staplers, Industrial Staples, Staple Pullers

  • MAILING PRODUCTS-Self Sealing, Envelopes, Padded, Utility, Bubble-In, Bubble-Out, Foam Pouches, Non-Cushion Tamper Resistant, Mailing Tubes and Caps

  • POLY PRODUCTS-Flat Bags, Reclosable Bags, Side or Bottom Gusset, Tubing, Can and Drum Liners, Pallet Covers, Anti-Stat and Static Shielding

  • SHIPPING SUPPLIES-Stretch Film-Hand and Machine Rolls, Tape-Carton, Filament, Masking, Gummed, Duct, Double Coated and Foam, Tape Dispensers, Strapping in Steel, Polypropylene and Polyester, Strapping Seals, Strapping Tools, Edge Protectors and Pallets

  • LABELING PRODUCTS-Custom Labels, Stock Labels, Packing List Envelopes, Invoice Enclosed Envelopes, Tags, Shockwatch and Tiltwatch

  • SPECIALTY PRODUCTS-Desiccant, VCI Rust Inhibitor Materials, Barrier Waterproof Materials, Knives, Heat Sealing Equipment

  • GLUE AND ADHESIVE-Aerosol Adhesive, Liquid Adhesive, Silicone Spray, Box Renew Tan Enamel

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